House Alarm Systems Focus On Security But Can Include Safety Features

House alarm systems are an excellent investment in comprehensive protection for your entire home. Based on the options selected at purchase, the systems can produce alerts and sirens and notify local emergency responders of various situations at the residence. With a variety of new sensors, cameras, and network capabilities available for alarms, the features available to buyers are ever-growing and extend far beyond basic security needs.  Standard door alarms Alarms triggered when an exterior door is opened on an activated system are a classic component of a home alarm system. Read More 

Enhancing Your Business’s Security With Rooftop Security Cameras

Protecting your firm's property, personnel, and assets is a top priority in competitive business environments. One effective way to enhance the overall protection of your business is by installing rooftop security cameras. These advanced surveillance systems offer numerous benefits that can significantly improve your company's operations, deter criminal activity and help you maintain control even when you are off-site. Benefit: Enhance Overall Security  Rooftop security cameras provide an added layer of protection against theft by offering a bird's eye view of the entire property. Read More 

Have A Fire Sprinkler System In Your Business? Have It Inspected

If you have a fire sprinkler installed in your business this is beneficial for you and your employees. One thing you must do is have the sprinkler system inspected regularly to ensure it is working properly. Below are some steps the company will take during this inspection so you will know what to expect.  Test Control Valve One common part of a sprinkler system is the control valve. The control valve is what transmits the signal to the fire alarm panel if there is a fire. Read More