Have A Fire Sprinkler System In Your Business? Have It Inspected

If you have a fire sprinkler installed in your business this is beneficial for you and your employees. One thing you must do is have the sprinkler system inspected regularly to ensure it is working properly. Below are some steps the company will take during this inspection so you will know what to expect. 

Test Control Valve

One common part of a sprinkler system is the control valve. The control valve is what transmits the signal to the fire alarm panel if there is a fire. This then activates the sprinkler system to spray water on the fire. It is important the valve stays open at all times. If it closes, water will not flow through the valve and the sprinkler system will not activate. 

The contractor will likely install a tamper switch on the control valve. This switch will notify you if the valve is closed or even partially closed. You will see the alert on the fire control panel so look at this often. You can then contact a contractor to come to your business and repair the valve. 

Gauge Readings

The gauge is the part that checks the water pressure. The water pressure must be at a certain level to provide enough water out of the sprinkler system when it is activated. The contractor uses a tool to know the reading of the gauge and writes this down. The contractor opens the main drain to make sure the water pressure is correct. They look for blockages in the drain that will prevent water from flowing. 

The next thing the contractor will do is check the inspector's test. They open the test and determine if a signal is sent to the fire control panel within a certain amount of time. If it does not send a signal, there is a problem with the inspector's test, and it will be repaired. 

Test Backflow

The next step is checking the backflow. There are backflow preventers that determine the flow of water. For example, the main job of the backflow preventers is to ensure the water flows in the right direction. If the water does not, the backflow preventers will be replaced with new ones and the sprinkler system will be rechecked. 

The water for your sprinkler system goes from the water line provided by your city and the water line connected to the sprinkler system. If the backflow preventer problem comes from the water line provided by the city, they will take care of this problem for you. 

Once the inspection is done, the contractor will provide you with documentation showing what they did. You need to keep this so you will have proof that you had your system inspected. Ask the contractor how often you should have your system inspected.  

For more information about fire alarm testing, contact a local professional.