5 Ways To Reduce The Cost Of Rekeying Your Business

Rekeying your business site's locks at various times is an important security and safety task. But as your site and its locks grow, rekeying gets more and more expensive. How can you contain costs while still ensuring the best security for your company, your employees, and your customers? Here are a few valuable tips.

1. Reduce Unnecessary Keys

As any small business grows — both in physical size and in the number of employees — the number of keys in circulation grows as well. Spend a little time at least once per year assessing who has which keys and whether that is still necessary. This helps you minimize the chances of keys going missing or ending up in the wrong hands, and it means fewer keys made when you next change the locks. 

2. Rethink Master Keys

A master key system can be a good thing for owners and upper management. It ensures you have access to everything on your business site while eliminating the need to carry around a plethora of keys. However, if certain keys get lost or damaged, you may end up having to change many locks. You may find it better to update to a digital access control system rather than have a hierarchy of keys. 

3. Use a Set Schedule

Can you save on rekeying costs by scheduling rekeying? It's counterintuitive, but it may help. For example, you can plan ahead and budget for the expense when you know it comes at the same time each period. You may also negotiate with a locksmith service for package pricing. In addition, you eliminate some rekeying between scheduled visits since you know exactly when the system will be changed. 

4. Manage Keys Well

Do you know where all your keys are? Key management is vital to reduce the need to rekey when employees leave the company, when people change positions, or when rooms are used for different purposes. Audit key possession on a regular basis. Make sure employees know when or if key sharing is permitted. Get keys back from all departing employees. And use keys that cannot be duplicated by individuals. 

5. Work With One Professional

A good commercial locksmith service can help you manage costs in many ways. As you develop a business relationship with a preferred provider, you may see better package pricing and quick response in cases of emergency. They will also recommend the best and most cost-effective solutions for your security needs, based on their knowledge of your business and location. 

Where to Start

Ready to start saving money on the important step of changing your company's locks? Begin by touring your site with a commercial locksmith—such as A-A Lock & Alarm Inc—and security company in your area today.