Types Of Home Security Systems

Investing in a good home costs money, and you must secure your investment properly. If your home's attractive, it could lure burglars that could get away with your valued belongings resulting in financial and emotional losses. Also, burglars may destroy your property. That's why you require a reliable security system. These are the various home security systems to consider.


Wired home security systems comprise an alarm with wired connections. Ideally, all your house's entry areas have wiring that connects to the control panel together with security devices like CCTV cameras, motion detection devices, and even keypads. Wired systems offer efficiency, as all the wiring links to a primary control panel, which shows the events on all the security devices in real-time. Installing these systems can be complicated, but professionals can do the installation quickly and correctly.


A wireless home security system doesn't have wiring. Its components may include motion sensors, camera or alarm systems, and a control panel. The security process for these systems starts with system change detection. If there's a change, the system announces the breach mainly through alarms. Wireless systems usually connect to a monitoring company. Hence, when an alarm goes off, the monitoring service is notified and can send assistance.


Unmonitored home security systems don't connect to real-time monitoring services. Instead, the alarm sounds off when there's a system breach. The system components include sirens, alarm sensors, smoke detection devices, and a control panel. Unmonitored systems are affordable since you don't need to hire a firm to monitor your system. 


Generally, monitored security systems are common, and they alert security firms of emergencies such as break-ins or fires in your house. The system parts include alarms, motion detectors, sirens, and cameras. Two types of monitored systems exist:

  • Self-monitored. You can access some monitored home security systems from your smartphone or laptop. Hence, you can remotely keep a close eye on your home from these devices. These systems are easy to operate, and anyone can install them.

  • Company-monitored. Professional security companies usually control these security systems. Ideally, the systems warn their contact centers when a break-in occurs. The call center usually calls you to verify whether the alarm trigger was unintentional. If the trigger was due to a potential or actual break-in, the firm dispatches security officers to your location if you don't answer their call.

Common home security systems can be wired, wireless, monitored, and unmonitored systems. Consider these systems if you want to achieve top home security.