Moving Your Start Up To A New Location? 3 Tips For Revising Your Fire Safety Plan

When you first started your business, you never dreamed that it would take off so quickly. Now, you can't wait to move on to the next phase of your business plan. Expanding to a new location offers your company the ability to reach a larger portion of your customer base while also giving your employees the space that they need to accomplish their goals. As you prep for your big move, use these tips to ensure that safety protocols are established before everyone moves into their new work space.

Schedule a Fire Safety Inspection

As a business owner, the safety of everyone who enters your new building is your responsibility. Start your first days in a new location on the right foot by scheduling a fire safety inspection once you have selected where you will be operating your business. This inspection should include a check on all equipment that poses a fire hazard along with an examination of the sprinklers, exit signs and safe routes. Using the findings that are shared after this inspection, you can then begin to create a plan for updating the safety features to ensure that you apply with local codes and ordinances.

Repair and Install Fire Sprinklers

In some instances, you may discover that the building's current safety features are not enough to meet your needs. This is especially common in older buildings or if you are renovating a space to become a kitchen or manufacturing plant. Arrange for fire sprinkler installation if your building lacks a current system. This simple step allows you to protect your work areas and equipment from major fire damage, and it allows your employees the best chances for emerging from a fire-related emergency unharmed.

Review the Fire Escape Routes

It is also important to establish clearly defined routes for your employees to use if they need to escape a fire. If you have remodeled and added walls or other barriers to designate certain areas of your building, then it is possible that the current routes no longer work. Work with a fire safety official to determine the fastest and safest routes out of the building. Then, post a map in each area, and practice the routes during fire drills with your employees.

Getting your business up and running should always include a close look at the current safety features. By choosing to update your fire safety plan and equipment, you can rest assured that everyone is protected from the threat of a fire emergency.