Preparing For Vacation

If you are going to be leaving to go on vacation then there are many, many different things you can do that will help decrease your chances of being victimized while you are gone. You can learn about a few of those things by reviewing the information here:

Leave your vacation plans off your social media accounts

The very first thing you want to make sure you do is to avoid talking about your vacation plans online where the wrong people can read them and use this information to victimize you.

Put away all tempting items in your yard

You want to move bikes, equipment, tools and other pricey toys to the garage or storage shed before you leave for vacation.

Ask for an extra patrol

There may be a chance that your local police department can add an extra patrol of your area to their routine while you are gone. This may not always be possible depending on where you live, but it's worth giving them a call and seeing.

Let a close neighbor know your plans

If you have a neighbor that you know you can trust then you should let them know about your plans. You may also want to give them a key to your house in case of emergency and make sure they have a list of all of your emergency contact numbers. You may also want to ask the neighbor, or even a friend, to come to the house and pick up the newspapers and maybe move some things around once in a while so it looks as if someone has been home.

Make sure you have quality locks on every door and window

If you have any doors or windows with questionable locks then there is no better time to have them replaced with better ones than before leaving to go on vacation. A locksmith can come out and check each of your locks, let you know what weaknesses you have and take care of the issues for you.

Have a good security system put in

This is a great time for you to follow through with having a security system put in. You can go with one that has cameras and remote access so you can stay connected and see what's going on at home at all times. You can also control it from where you are, so you can let someone gain access to the house if necessary and turn the system back on, as well as take care of other settings all from your mobile device.

Here's more information on choosing commercial security systems in your area!