Securing a Jewelry Store Against Thieves

Did a thief get away with stealing a large amount of valuable merchandise from your jewelry store? If you suffered a huge financial loss and want to prevent such a situation from happening again, it is a good idea to make your jewelry store more secure. You want to build a security presence that is strong enough to make even the most skilled thieves think twice before trying to rob your jewelry store. For instance, you can put measures in place that make it difficult for thieves to escape if they try to steal jewelry and run. Below, you will find a few suggestions that can be considered for securing your jewelry store against thieves. 

Get Bars for the Windows

Although many robbers happen in broad daylight when businesses are open, a large amount of them tends to happen during the night. The reasons why is because the darkness allows criminals to wear dark clothing and not be as noticeable when they are committing criminal acts. Windows are common entry points that are used by thieves for breaking into buildings. If you invest in bars for all of your windows, it will be hard for thieves to get past them no matter what time of the day or night it is. Basically, the bars can prevent criminals from being able to break the windows, but they won't be able to cross over even if they do break the glass.

Install a Security Door Portal

It is easy for thieves to grab jewelry and take out running away from your store. You can actually make it more difficult for the criminals to leave your store by being strategic about your entry door type. For example, opting for a security door portal is one of the best ways to prevent thieves from leaving in a fast manner. The doors slowly rotate, which makes it mandatory for everyone coming in or out of your store to walk with the speed of the doors. There are different types of security door portals that you can choose between based on your specific needs.

Hire Two Security Guards

You should considering hiring two security guards for your store. The reason why is so one of them can patrol the inside of your building, and the other one can be stationed on the outside. Security guards are usually able to spot and capture thieves before they are able to get away with stealing merchandise.

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