Inspections May Yield A Better Fire Hose Purchase

Maintaining security in a busy commercial environment is not always easy. Fire alarms absolutely can do wonders to alert those on an upper floor of a high-rise that a terrible situation has developed. Alarms, however, cannot put fires out. In the time the fire department reaches the fire's location, things could be out of control. Installing a fire house on various floors of an office building absolutely provides another layer of security and protection. The hose may already have been put to use once. If so, then extra steps should be employed to make sure the hose is up to the task of dealing with a fire a second time.

An Aftermath Inspection

After a hose has been used to deal with a fire, it would not hurt to request an inspection of the hose to make sure it is still in good condition. The hose could have been slightly damaged during the emergency. A cut on the exterior of the hose may have been inflicted by debris. Afterward, wrapping the hose up and placing back in its secure holding location might contribute to the worsening of any imperfections. The inspection could be performed by a representative of the fire company. Usually, such inspections can be performed upon request since most fire departments have a safety inspection program in place.

The Dangers of No Inspection

The pressure placed on the hose could further the damage. The infliction of the worsening of imperfections might make the hose less reliable. Imagine if the hose needed to be used a second time and a hole developed. Water would escape which, in turn, means the pressure drops. Less pressure means less water able to deal with a fire. Allowing something like this to go unnoticed could create an unacceptable risk and one with very serious consequences. A simple inspection may reveal a problem.

The Better Purchasing Decision

Using the results of an inspection as a guide, a more-informed decision can be made about buying a new fire hose. Various different features are present with high-end fire hoses made by a number of different companies. A more durable exterior with enhanced cut resistance could be a feature a buyer will find very appealing. Knowing about existing problems definitely assists with buying a new product capable of overriding such problems in the future. When it comes to buying a fire hose and other security items, avoiding problems should always be a number one priority.

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