Ensuring Your Storage Facility Customers Are Not Victims Of Theft

If you own a storage facility that allows for customers to rent units to hold their personal belongings, you are most likely concerned in keeping these items safely contained so your customers do not fall victim to theft. There are several steps you can take as a storage unit owner to help in protecting your customers' stored items while they are on your property. Here are some tips you can use to increase your security to help in thwarting theft within your facility.

Make Sure Lighting Is Bright Enough For Each Unit

It is extremely important to take the time in checking the lighting around your facility on a regular basis. Each unit should have a light fixture outside of the allotted space not only to aid customers in getting in and out of the unit without difficulty, but also in keeping them safe from potential surprise visits from others on the property. Proper lighting will help people in being aware of their surroundings.

Make sure the parking area is also well-lit so potential thieves are less likely to hang out waiting to try to get inside of a unit not belonging to them, as they may be noticed or recognized by a customer.

Hire A Private Security Company To Patrol The Grounds

Hiring a security company to make their presence known within your property boundaries will aid in keeping your customers and their personal effects safe. Someone can remain on the property at all times to walk around checking that units are secure and to look for any problem areas where security efforts should be increased.

This person will also be able to help customers with problems they have while on the grounds, such as making calls for car troubles, replacing light bulbs, or helping someone open a stuck door. Customers will feel at ease knowing there is an available person on the property, especially during nighttime hours.

Monitor The Usage Of The Facility To Keep Out Non-Customers

Installing a gate where customers will need to present identification before entering will be extremely helpful in keeping theft possibilities at a minimum. A key card entry system will keep track of each customer's visits so dates and times of their presence will be on hand should a theft occur. This will aid in tracking down possible perpetrators.

In addition to a key card system, each unit renter should provide their own locking mechanism to keep items out of the reach of others. Keep locks on hand at the facility should someone have a faulty mechanism so they can purchase a new one on the spot to keep their items safe from theft.

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