How To Find Security At Home When You Rent

When you rent your home, you do not have as much say in how secure your home will be than you would if you owned the home. You may speak to your landlord about hardwiring a monitoring system into the home, but there is a big chance they will not allowed to install the gear you want -- especially if the landlord is expected to pay for it. Don't worry, though. Hope is not lost if keeping your home secure is your end goal. These tips will ensure that you always feel safe in your home, rental unit or otherwise.

1. Wireless Monitoring Services

Instead of investing in a hardwired system for your home, you might consider a non-traditional setup. Look for one that is meant specifically for renters that you will not have to drill or wire into your home. You can take your security system to your next house, and many times you can even monitor your home via your smartphone.

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2. Invest in a Non-traditional Security System

Some systems do not rely on a third party or the police to monitor your home. Sensors and monitors will alert you to potential problems, and cameras will show you exactly what is going on at home.

3. Ask your Landlord about Replacing Hardware

Everything from deadbolts to door hinges can be changed, and everybody who has lived in your apartment or home in the past may have access to your home. Speak to your landlord about replacing the locks and giving them a spare key if you are concerned about those who may have access to your unit. You can also ask about securing the hinges to your doors, especially if they are facing outside the apartment. Hardware is often forgotten about over the years, leading to weak points.

4. Make Friends with Neighbors

It is essential to speak up to neighbors when you have suspicions. If you let neighbors know that you are keeping an eye on the neighborhood, they are likely to do the same for you. A neighborhood watch system is also beneficial. In fact, many of those programs make it easy to communicate with neighbors via smartphone apps.

Your home is your sanctuary. You should never unsafe at home, even if you are not allowed to install a hardwired security system. There are plenty of ways around it, and you can easily feel protected by taking just a few simple steps.